ZitoVault Products

Endpoint devices, including PCs, servers, and IoT devices, are where a major number of cyber attacks start and gain a foothold on a company’s network. Endpoints are vulnerable for 2 main reasons:


  • First, traditional anti-virus solutions are ineffective at combating modern attacks. They use signature based approaches, that simply cannot detect attacks in time to stop them, particularly new unseen attacks.
  • Second, human behavior is susceptible to exploitation by attackers. Employees, even those with the best of intentions, could unintentionally subject your company to major risk. Phishing emails, easy-to-guess passwords, malware-infected USBs, and social engineering are avenues commonly exploited by attackers.


  • ZitoVault’s CryptoScale patent protected software provides secure end-to-end communications channels for endpoints to connect to the cloud in a highly-scalable manner.
  • CryptoScale is comprised of CryptoScale Manager, CryptoScale Engines, and CryptoScale Clients which come integrated into Z1 Agents and the Ignite Security Platform.
  • Supported for PCs, Servers, and select other devices.

ZitoVault Ignite Security Platform

ZitoVault’s Ignite Security Platform provides powerful services that monitor endpoints security posture, and detects cyber threats and anomalies. The platform acts as a centralized repository of security related metadata collected from endpoints. Using advanced data analytics, ZitoVault analyzes vast quantities of data and accurately prioritizes actionable alerts. Customers are immediately notified of critical security events on their endpoints and in certain scenarios ZitoVault takes automatic action to protect customers.

Key advantages include:

  • Detect and respond to suspicious activity in near real-time
  • Modern threat intelligence platform that identifies abusive attackers
  • Users & Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) to detect advanced attacks
  • 24×7 monitoring and threat hunting through Security Operations Centers