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Ransomware Moving Downstream to the IoT: Are you prepared?

Ransomware is becoming a more prevalent conversation topic among experts in the cyber security industry. Experts are working vigorously in an attempt to stay ahead of criminals who are using it to monetize and ultimately fund their growing operations. The majority of... read more

Webcam Hackers Endanger Family’s Privacy

A recent news story highlighted the risk of hackers violating homeowners’ security. A Houston family who had installed webcams in their children’s bedrooms, found that their 8 year-old girl was being watched by nefarious Internet voyeurs. As is so often the case in... read more

5 practical tips for securing your IoT devices in 2016

As more and more consumers adopt connected products, security and privacy become critically important. Internet of Things device manufacturers are in a race to go to market with their products, often with security as an afterthought. Here at ZitoVault we want to share... read more
Reflections From Our Founder On The Journey Ahead

Reflections From Our Founder On The Journey Ahead

We’re living through unprecedented times. Millions of new devices are connecting to the Internet every day, forming the ever-growing Internet of Things. Smarter and smaller technology coupled with ubiquitous connectivity, are fundamentally changing the way we live,... read more