ZitoVault Security Solutions

Helping customers strengthen their security posture and comply with regulatory mandates.

FREE Ransomware Protection

  • ZitoVault’s RansomStopper protects Windows devices from ransomware attacks in real-time
  • Uses behavioral analysis to detect and automatically stop ransomware activity
  • Applies machine learning on proprietary features to identify suspicious behavior
  • Protects devices independent of ransomware delivery method (Phishing, USB, malicious web download, peer-to-peer, etc).
  • Protects devices from previously unseen ransomware variants and polymorphic strains
  • No performance impact to user machine
  • Quick and simple installation
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Endpoint Detection & Response (Fully Managed)

  • ZitoVault’s Endpoint Detection & Response solution offered as a fully managed service for customers
  • Includes Z1 Agents for installation on customer machines
  • Access to customer portal on the Ignite Security Cloud, enabling remote management of machines
  • Threat hunting and 24×7 monitoring of security incidents in Security Operations Centers for your machines
  • Customization and tuning of solution for each customer to protect your important assets
  • Actionable alerts on detected attacks with context around each detected attack
  • Automated response to contain attacks (Responses customizable to be manual)

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Service

  • PCI DSS 3.2 mandates a file integrity monitoring solution, to alert of unauthorized modifications (at minimum on a weekly basis) for critical system files, configuration and log files, credit card data and content files.
  • ZitoVault offers a FIM solution that exceeds the PCI requirements
  • Our FIM solution provides you with a standalone service that protects the integrity of critical files mandated by PCI, and sensitive folders hackers attempt to exploit.
  • Enables customers to configure additional important folders you want to protect.
  • The solution is cloud-managed and is activated with a thin version of the Z1 Agent (custom built for file integrity monitoring).
  • Changes to important files are detected in seconds, near real-time.
  • Best of all, ZitoVault offers FIM at an affordable unbeatable price!

CryptoScale Secure Communication Package

  • ZitoVault makes its patented CryptoScale technology available for customers to use for deploying secure connections.
  • CryptoScale enables customers to establish and maintain secure connections that are highly scalable, in a very resource efficient manner.
  • Hundreds of thousands of client connections can be supported, in only a few gigabytes of cloud memory.
  • CryptoScale supports multiple cryptographic algorithms includes RSA 2048 with SHA 256, AES 256, and ECC.

PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance Package

  • ZitoVault provides a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standard) compliance package that assists customers in becoming compliant to version 3.2 of the standard.
  • ZitoVault supports PCI use cases that enable customers to perform:
    • Log storage and analysis
    • File integrity monitoring for critical files (such as firewall configuration files)
    • Security policy monitoring
    • Generating of PCI tailored reports
    • Protect systems against malware and viruses
    • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • Real time alerting and response’

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