ZitoVault’s CryptoScale Software

ZitoVaults’s CryptoScale patent protected software provides a secure end-to-end communications fabric, for devices to connect to servers, and cloud based applications. CryptoScale, also referred to as CryptoScaler, is comprised of CryptoScale Manager, CryptoScale Engines, and CryptoScale Clients. These components are integrated into ZitoVault’s Z1 Agent and Ignite Security Platform. They provide users, connected devices, and the network with the following powerful capabilities:

  • Dynamic Secure Connections: Established and maintained between connected devices and the cloud
  • Unmatched Scalability: Our solution has built-in intelligence that scales to accommodate the massively growing numbers of connected devices (PCs, Servers, and IoT)
  • Transport Independent: CryptoScale works with a wide range of transport services and VPN protocols
  • Bandwidth Efficient: CryptoScale optimizes throughput in environments with low Internet bandwidth

CryptoScale Manager is designed to manage very large numbers of secure connections. CryptoScale Manager provides policy management, cryptographic session capacity management, authentication management, and data integration services with the ZitoVault Ignite Security Platform. CryptoScale Manager can be deployed in a cloud or virtualized environment and is built using elastic database technology. CryptoScale Engines are virtualized cryptographic session managers that are setup or torn down to meet capacity requirements. The CryptoScale Client is a lightweight client that supports a wide variety of device types, operating systems, and software distribution tools.

Key Advantages

End-to-End Secure Communications:

  • Protect user data from cyber crime and avoid brand damage and compliance breaches
  • Monitor and identify cyber attacks on endpoints that could lead to compromise


  • Scales to support very large numbers of connected devices (PCs, Servers, and IoT devices)
  • Software defined session management automates addition of new connections without delay or administrative overhead

Granular Policy Management:

  • Enable service providers to apply security and business policies to individual or groups devices
  • Enable service providers to offer tailored promotions based granular understanding of customer usage
  • Enable service providers to offer compelling graphic representation of the value of security monitoring

Ease of Deployment:

  • Support for a large number device types
  • Lightweight footprint
  • Designed for easy cloud deployment and large scale client software distribution
  • Leverages existing industry standards event formats and protocols