Company Overview

Dismantling Cyber Attacks Before They Materialize

At ZitoVault our mission is to dismantle cyber attacks before they materialize. Endpoints such as PCs, servers, and IoT devices are where a major number of cyber attacks start and gain a foothold on your network. We believe that empowering endpoints with the ability to detect and respond to advanced cyber attacks rapidly, is becoming more crucial than ever before. Our lightweight Z1 Agents coupled with our modern Ignite Security Platform, and highly-scalable CryptoScale secure communication technology, help customers strengthen their cyber security defense and response capabilities.

Our customers will benefit by reducing the risk of cyber incidents, gaining deep visibility of their security posture in real time, and having the peace of a mind of knowing that a dedicated professional security team is working 24×7 to keep them protected, even when you are sleeping.

Team of Security Experts

ZitoVault is a team of innovators, cyber security experts, data scientists and seasoned industry professionals who have joined together to help fulfill the promise of security solutions that make a real difference in protecting customers. Our team of cyber security leaders is dedicated to building technology that addresses the unique challenges associated with the scale and variety of securely connecting billions of PCs, severs, and IoT devices to exciting new applications and services.

Innovative, Patented Security Technology

ZitoVault holds multiple patents in cybersecurity, secure connections, wireless security, and threat intelligence. Among our patented solutions are the ability to provision highly-scalable secure connections between connected devices and cloud-based services, and the ability to predict impending cyber attacks using behavioral analytics from multi-channel correlation.