ZitoVault Licenses CryptoScale™ Patent to IBM CryptoScale Provides Secure Communications Fabric for IoT and Cloud-Based Applications

Carlsbad, California, August 21, 2018 – ZitoVault LLC, an innovative provider of security solutions, announced today that it has settled the patent infringement case against IBM brought on by ZitoVault, LLC before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas (Dallas). Pursuant to the settlement, the lawsuit will be dismissed. As part of the settlement, IBM has licensed a ZitoVault patent, US6484257 B1, also known as CryptoScale™, for use with IBM Cloud Based Services (Softlayer). All other aspects of the settlement and license were not disclosed.

“This agreement highlights the need for ZitoVault’s CryptoScale technology within cloud services platforms, which provide systems and methods for maintaining a number of simultaneous cryptographic sessions using a distributed computing environment,” stated Tim McElwee Managing Director of ZitoVault, LLC. “This successful resolution will allow ZitoVault to continue focusing on developing security platforms which provide secure endpoint, detection and response which are enabled by CryptoScale.”

Additionally, IBM has granted ZitoVault a cross license agreement to patent US 9.053,446B2 – Dynamically Quantifying the Demand of Each Software Component of Each Software Stack Deployed in the Cloud Environment. The combined patents along with the other ZitoVault patents will further enable ZitoVault to provide global virtual distributed cloud computing security frameworks.


ZitoVault’s mission is to safeguard communications among large numbers of connected devices such as the Internet of Things. We preserve the integrity of IoT ecosystems, devices, and users by providing a secure communications fabric between connected devices and cloud-based applications. CryptoScale, our patent-protected technology, is unique because it’s designed to efficiently establish secure connections at massive scale. Contact info@zitovault.com to learn more.