ZitoVault Appoints Industry Veteran as Director of IoT Security Architecture

Carlsbad, California, November 12, 2015 – ZitoVault Inc., an innovative provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the appointment of industry veteran Ron Keidar to lead the team responsible for architecting ZitoVault’s innovative security fabric.

Keidar most recently served as a Security Architect at Qualcomm, where he created the architecture of next-generation chipsets for IoT security, cryptographic engines, and content protection for premium Hollywood movies. He has filed over 25 patents in the areas of mobile security, cryptography, premium video protection, wireless communication, and IoT security.

“We are thrilled to add an individual of Ron’s caliber, work ethic, and enthusiasm to our growing team,” said Antonio Challita, Director of Product Management at ZitoVault. “Ron is a master innovator and architect, with distinctive insight into market trends, and deep technological know-how, to turn insight into brilliantly engineered products.”

“ZitoVault has the technology and vision to help address the security challenges facing the IoT,” said Keidar. “I am looking forward to playing a role in advancing the company’s success.”

ZitoVault Hiring Plans

ZitoVault also plans to grow its leadership and development teams. We are hiring software developers, security experts, and data scientists to work in our San Diego, Texas and Singapore offices. Learn more at ZitoVault’s career page.

About ZitoVault

ZitoVault’s mission is Safeguarding the Internet of Things. We preserve the integrity of IoT ecosystems, devices, and users by providing a secure communications fabric between IoT connected devices and cloud-based applications. CryptoScale, our patent-protected technology, is unique because it’s designed to efficiently establish secure connections that truly scale to the magnitude of the IoT.

ZitoVault enables IoT device makers and service providers to deploy trusted value-added services, and benefits IoT users by reducing the risk of cyber incidents. ZitoVault partners with leading providers of smart home, healthcare, industrial, and other IoT solutions. Learn more at www.ZitoVault.com.