Reflections From Our Founder On The Journey Ahead

Reflections From Our Founder On The Journey Ahead

We’re living through unprecedented times. Millions of new devices are connecting to the Internet every day, forming the ever-growing Internet of Things. Smarter and smaller technology coupled with ubiquitous connectivity, are fundamentally changing the way we live, communicate, and do business. The Internet of Things is already offering tremendous gains in convenience and efficiency.

At the heart of this transition, however, lies a critical element, which must be handled with great care: Security. The stakes are higher than ever before. Take a moment to imagine what could go wrong when everything is connected to everything, without proper security … It is our responsibility as people, organizations, and societies to put adequate measures in place to safeguard the Internet of Things.

At ZitoVault we’re on a mission to build a security fabric for the Internet of Things to protect users, device makers and service providers against cyber attacks. We believe that the foundation starts with highly scalable secure connections that allow IoT devices and users to communicate with cloud-based services in a trusted manner. Once the secure connections are established, we’re able to help IoT device makers offer additional layers of security that guard the integrity of their services and protect the privacy of their users.

The Internet of Things has limitless potential, but we believe that the only way to reach it is with strong, scalable security measures in place. Join us on our journey to tackle this complex security problem head-on, and take the IoT to new heights together.

Here’s to the next step,

Tim McElwee